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For questions from TV Poland branch in Bialystok (TVP3 Bialystok) an expert on garden cellars Michael Gavrilyshin and the customer, Mr. Peter Kozluk. Interview filmed on the client's plot in Bialystok of Poland on July 6, 2020.

Reporter of TVP3 Bialystok of Poland:

Garden cellars, also known as dugouts, are used to store food. In the past, they were found in almost every garden, today they are returning to favor in a new version.

Garden cellar expert Michael Gavrilyshin:

Until now, concrete cellars or traditional stone cellars made by specialists have been used most often. Times are changing, the cellar specialists are becoming less and less. So we entered the market with plastic cellars, which work great.

The cellars are made of polyethylene, which is used to make all packaging approved for food products, so it is very hygienic packaging, it is very nice to keep it clean. No mold develops on the walls due to the fact that it is smooth. The microclimate is pleasant because the supply and exhaust ventilation is very efficient, as in our traditional stone dugouts (it is no different). Should something be spilled it is very easy to clean.

In winter, the temperature that is maintained here is between 3 and 5 °C. In summer, the temperature is around 10-12 °C.


Plastic cellars are known, among others, in Austria and Belarus. They appeared on the Polish market two years ago. There are 4 models to choose from, differing in size and design of the entrance.


I am standing here at the largest cellar model we offer. In order to introduce you to the dimensions of this device, here are some numbers:
- diameter - about 2.5 m, which translates into an area of ​​about 5 m2,
- height - 2.6 m,
- basement volume - about 9 m3.

It is very convenient to open this hatch / entrance from the ground level. It is possible to secure our products with a lock - we just lock it with a key, like an apartment. Nobody gets in here.

It is also possible to expand this basement in order to improve the thermal conditions and arrangement in the field - it is possible to extend the entrance with such a superstructure. This is an option, it is optional. Most of our clients choose this option because they want a perfect product.


There is also a model of a garden basement with a vertical entrance.


The area of ​​the basement is about 4m2 with a size of 2 x 2 m. Of course, the height of the basement is the same in all models and is 2.6 m, so that you can easily enter there and move around. These types of cellar models with a vertical hatch are chosen for small plots where you cannot afford an embankment, a hill, for taking up to 5 m2 of space. They are often installed under terraces next to houses.


The cellar is completely tight, it has not a single joint. This affects the comfort of use, because you do not have to worry about the seepage of groundwater.


The "sister" of this cellar is a slightly smaller cellar, also with a very comfortable hatch. The dimensions of this basement are 2 x 1.85 m.


The cellar is ready for transport. He will be on his way to the future owner any moment.


This is the smallest cellar in our offer. The dimensions of this cellar are 1.5 x 1.5 m. Proposed for plots already developed, where trees grow, where bushes are planted, where there is no space for large earthworks, and investors want a cellar. Such a basement can be mounted manually, due to its small dimensions.


The basement is easy to assemble. This can be done by a construction company or the investor himself, if he likes to DIY. When purchasing the basement, the buyer receives a detailed assembly manual.

Here is a freshly built garden potato on Mr. Peter's property.

Customer Mr. Peter Kozluk:

We decided that a basement of this type would be a suitable solution for us - round with an oblique entrance. A few days ago it was installed. We brought in the preserves that we had made so far.


And for the next ones to be built in summer, there is enough space on wooden shelves. They are mounted on steel profiles, which additionally strengthen the structure of the building. The basement was assembled in one day.


Plus another one, so that you can safely cover it with soil to the right height. There must be an appropriate thickness of soil for winter or summer. Later, as you can see here, we put bricks, some old railroad ties and planted flowers. It is generally one working day.


The next step is planting ornamental plants in the ground that will envelop the cellar from the outside. The green embankment will fit nicely into the property. Mr. Peter and his family are satisfied with the new investment. They have an aesthetic and durable garden cellar for storing food.

BPR plastic cellar from Bialystok of Poland for all Europe 2021: assortment.

Plastic wine cellar - completely sealed (does not have a single joint) - can be installed in places with a high groundwater level
Completely sealed (does not have a single joint) - can be installed in places with a high groundwater level.
Ready Cellar - polyethylene housing suitable for contact with food
Polyethylene housing suitable for contact with food.
Underground basement - does not consume electricity
Does not consume electricity.
Sealed plastic pantry - made from 100% recyclable materials
Made from 100% recyclable materials.

Installation of the basement takes only 1 day. It's a very quick and easy way to enjoy your home pantry!

Cellar 2,5 m
Absolutely sealed plastic cellar and pantry, dimensions 2.5 m cylindrical with inclined entrance

Weight 900 kg
Volume 9 m³
Basement dimensions may differ by ±3%
due to the technology features.

Gross price 25 547 PLN ~ 5 652 EUR


Phone number+48 732 081 306


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